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  • In Vastu, every direction has its own importance. In your Kundali, according to the situation of Grahas, whatever direction is strong, you are suggested to keep the entrance to you place at that direction.  If possible, it is also suggested to reside in the same direction of the city where the one is living.




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    Manubhai Shah
    I had faced many problems in selling offices of my building after its construction.  After completing the Vastu Vidhi, it started getting sold with a good speed.

    Mr. Panchal
    After doing the correct changes according to Vastu Shastra in home and office, we got new opportunities to work for in business.

    Sureshbhai Mehta
    There were many problems in selling our family bungalow, but after performing the Vastu Vidhi together with necessary changes, it got sold and we found a new home to reside.

    Chintan Patel
    After doing necessary changes according to Vastu Shashtra in our bedroom, we are now happy with our newly born baby.

    A Govt. Officer
    The changes that we did in our house according to Vastu gave us a life with peace.

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    Very-very thanks to my great God, my Guruji, and all my Well Wishers
    Many thanks to Yuvraj Harpalsinhji Poshina, Patdi Darbar Shree Dilipsinhji, & shree Chaitanyasinhji,   Wankaner's Maharaja Shree Digvijaysinhji, & Yuvraj Kesharisinhji, Shree Dilip sinhji Rana of Khirasara and Pushpendra sinhji of Gondal, Shree Jitubhai DhaDhal of Jetpur, Ashokbhai Khuman of Bhesan, Mahendrasinh Rayjada of Rajkot, Dr. Praduman G. Khachar of Junagadh, and to all the great personalities who have help me directly or indirectly in my this great work.

    Many thanks to Sh. Satishbhai Kavathe (IIM A) for increasing my confidence towards my work and giving new information
    Also pay many thanks to my great friend Salim bhai Sheikh (PI) by heart for supporting.

    Many thanks to Mr. Amitbhai Shah (Dipti Shah Enlgish Speaking Classes – Ahmedabad) who told me "Do whatever your heart says, once success will be surely achieved… together with the satisfaction of doing the job."

    Many thanks to Late Sh. Vadilal bhai D. Gandhi who himself offered me his bungalow to live in.

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