In the Royal times, there were two types of monuments found - Palaces & Darbargarh.  The palaces were used for residence, whereas Darbargarh was used as a working place.  There are also some places where we can found Darbargarh as both living and working place.
These beautiful monuments were built according to the strategy of Vastu Architects and in some manner, on the advice of the Royal priests.  These monuments are very full of art also built in manner for the safety from enemies.
The heads and bodies of hunted animals and weapons were kept as articles to increase the beauty of the palaces.  The middle part of most of the palaces consisted of fountains.  At some places the formation is complete and at some places, it’s extended.  Many palaces are having the same surface level to ground.  The clock towers are not found in working condition now, but at that time, the clock was placed in south direction and it may maintained time management at that time.  At some places, hillocks or water bodies are found in improper direction.  The ground-dig toilets were found at more than one place.  The middle area of the place is found of heavy formation.  Horses, Elephants, Buggies, Vehicles were arranged outside properly the position of which was very correct at some places.  The kitchen and rest houses were built in the outer areas with proper architecture.
The above stated things were found very odd at some places according to Vastu Shashtra.  It is to be noticed that there was always a very separate place for a temple for rituals and pooja in a palace or Darbargarh and all religious rituals were performed according to the actual dates and festivals.


Manubhai Shah
I had faced many problems in selling offices of my building after its construction.  After completing the Vastu Vidhi, it started getting sold with a good speed.

Mr. Panchal
After doing the correct changes according to Vastu Shastra in home and office, we got new opportunities to work for in business.

Sureshbhai Mehta
There were many problems in selling our family bungalow, but after performing the Vastu Vidhi together with necessary changes, it got sold and we found a new home to reside.

Chintan Patel
After doing necessary changes according to Vastu Shashtra in our bedroom, we are now happy with our newly born baby.

A Govt. Officer
The changes that we did in our house according to Vastu gave us a life with peace.

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