For daily dhoop in office and home - keeps a sacred environment at the place.
(1)  For daily pooja in office & home - To remove negative energy from the place.
(2) For unmarried Girls Marrige - To Increase Lagna Yog 
(3) For Finance Problem.- To develop positive energy for Money
( all products are different under name Divya Jyoti Oil )

Gomti Chakra
Keep it with yourself for mental peace, prosperity, and energy for work.
Vastu Design
Design advice according to Vastu for home, office, and factory.
Real Estate
Worried about  to Sell Property / Land ? ( for Builders / Individuals / etc. )  
Now or never Act fast. contact us to help you 

with novel way to give remedy for it. 

Product Sale
Your Goods in godown / showroom give remedy for sale early time. 
( Different types of Product Stock for selling /clearing )

Manubhai Shah
I had faced many problems in selling offices of my building after its construction.  After completing the Vastu Vidhi, it started getting sold with a good speed.

Mr. Panchal
After doing the correct changes according to Vastu Shastra in home and office, we got new opportunities to work for in business.

Sureshbhai Mehta
There were many problems in selling our family bungalow, but after performing the Vastu Vidhi together with necessary changes, it got sold and we found a new home to reside.

Chintan Patel
After doing necessary changes according to Vastu Shashtra in our bedroom, we are now happy with our newly born baby.

A Govt. Officer
The changes that we did in our house according to Vastu gave us a life with peace.

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